Dadelos Agrosolutions with Carbon Footprint Reduction Stamp for the third consecutive year

Dadelos Agrosolutions with Carbon Footprint Reduction Stamp for the third consecutive year

Our group reduced the carbon footprint emission for the third consecutive year and received a carbon footprint registration certificate issued by the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition.

Due to our commitment to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact – since 2019, we have reduced our carbon footprint in Scope 1+2 by more than 42%.

Only in 2021, we have offset 100 tons of CO2 in different certified projects to support the fight against climate change.

Our determined and firm commitment to the environment makes us ambitious in our carbon footprint challenges, and our goal for next year is to achieve neutrality in Scope 1+2 through the reduction and compensation of all our emissions.

Carbon Footprint Registry is a voluntary registry of the Spanish Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge. Its objective is to promote the calculation and subsequent reduction of the carbon footprint of Spanish organizations, as well as to encourage projects which improve Spain’s sink capacity and, therefore, become a tool to tackle climate change.

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