We produce and develop plant-based biostimulants using amino acids obtained through fermentation

We have all of Ajinomoto Group’s potential at our disposal

By combining our know-how with the capabilities of the sector’s leading group, we at Dadelos Agrosolutions offer you the best tailor-made biosolutions.

We offer innovative products to the agro-industry sector

Innovation is at the foundation of everything we do. At Dadelos Agrosolutions™, we continuously launch new products allowing us to develop solutions for the agro-industry sector. Our objective is to respond to the needs of agriculture.

Our plant-based raw materials are obtained through exclusive extraction processes which have been designed to specifically produce innovative, efficient biostimulants.

Your partner in innovation

We are your partner for the innovation and production of amino acid-based biosolutions for the Agricultural Industry.

More than 25 years of experience

Comprehensive quality controls and continuous improvement

Team of committed professionals

Innovative and sustainable solutions

We advise and accompany you through the product creation process

We advise you on legislation and legal framework

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We offer a wide line of biological solutions for the industry.

Circular bioeconomy

We reuse resources and convert them into new products with a high added value, creating a green market that provides a response to social and environmental challenges.

The raw vegetable material used as carbon and nitrogen sources for fermentation remains within this economy for the production of biostimulants and is used over and over again for producing plant material, thereby closing the cycle and creating additional value.

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