Raw materials

Raw materials

Growth and health for plants. Dadelos Agrosolutions™ develops and produces biostimulants adapted to the needs of each crop

State-of-the-art biostimulants obtained from the fermentation of plant based ingredients

Dadelos Agrosolutions™ relies on the support of the Ajinomoto Group’s 80 plus years of experience in the fermentation of plant-based ingredients to create innovative and technologically pioneering biostimulants.

  • The Ajinomoto Group’s bioprocessing team selects exclusive strains to develop biostimulants based on amino acids and other active compounds.
  • Through bioprocesses, we replace chemical processes with more sustainable ones based on the use of renewable raw materials, optimizing the capacities and performance of bacteria to produce biostimulants with high added value.

AminoScience for sustainable agriculture

Amino acids play an important role in immune responses throughout the growth cycle of the plant

Amino acids provide plants with energy reserves for healthy vegetative growth and development and are instrumental in the plant’s response to environmental stress.

They are the building blocks of proteins and the precursors of secondary metabolites. They are involved in essential plant life functions and are the main nitrogen compounds in plants.

Dadelos Agrosolutions™ manufactures tailor-made biostimulants based on amino acids to meet the needs and performance of each crop.

Raw materials that increase crop quality and productivity

Dadelos Agrosolutions™ materials enable the formulation of unique and tailor-made solutions to improve crop yields and quality

Pure amino acids

They enable tailor-made biostimulants to be designed according to the needs of each crop


The amino acid requirements of plants depend on the growth stage, the variety and their environmental situation.

Amino acids play an active role throughout the growth cycle of crops, each of them matching specific functions. They generally activate the metabolic pathway, provide energy reserves for healthy vegetative growth and development, and participate in the response to environmental stress.

Exclusive biostimulants

They are used as stand-alone products or in formulated solutions


Plant extracts produced with Dadelos Agrosolutions™ unique high-technology fermentation process, which promotes the growth and development of the plant in a natural way.

Each extract is characterized by its composition particular and the results that its application offers.

Protein hydrolysates (PH)

They are stimulants that can increase germination, productivity and crop quality


They alleviate the negative effects of abiotic stress, stimulate plant metabolism and promote soil health.

They are characterized by their specific aminogram, amino acid and peptides level as well as action mode on the plant.

Organic Matters

Used for biostimulant formulations for specific or generic functions


Organic matter improves and optimizes the physical properties of the soil. Its application results in a better soil structure and lower bulk density. They also stimulate the growth and activity of heterotrophic microbial communities and increase plant yields.

Formulation additives

They are used in the formulation of tailor-made solutions


Formulation additives increase the efficiency of formulations. One example is polysaccharides, which enhance the protection and energy reserve of plants; organic acids play an integral role in the primary metabolism of plants; and we find other molecules that perform numerous functions in living organisms.

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Dadelos Agrosolutions™ is a global leader in developing raw materials for agriculture

The company has extensive experience in developing and producing high-quality biostimulants.

Its aim is to offer tailor-made solutions that respond to customers’ and the market’s most demanding needs,with the guarantee of an attentive and personalized service.

Dadelos Agrosolutions™ is part of the Ajinomoto Group, a world leader in creating amino acids, at the forefront of the latest technologies on the market.

Dadelos Agrosolutions™ is the partner you need for creating your products

Dadelos Agrosolutions™ helps you to find the best solution and accompanies you throughout the process to guarantee the quality of your products.

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