Committed to sustainable agriculture and the environment

We want to be part of the change

We aim to effectively make a difference in the face of the large challenges that agriculture is up against. We seek to be a part of the change and a solution to the food crisis, and we strive to support a healthy lifestyle by producing high-quality crops.


We strive to find the vital balance between the economic, social and environmental spheres.


We aid in improving plant health and nutrition through organic compounds. By increasing yield, we play a role in the sustainable production of high-quality crops.


Thanks to the plant base and the reduced environmental impact, Dadelos Agrosolutions ™ has become a trusted provider of products for ecological agriculture within the most demanding markets.

Reusing natural resources

As a circular economy company, we at Dadelos Agrosolutions ™ reuse resources and convert them into new products with a high added value, creating a green market that provides a response to social and environmental challenges.

We produce biostimulants by fermenting organic compounds and plant waste. These are then continuously used to produce plant matter, in this way completing a closed production circle.

This process reduces greenhouse gases and material usage, saves on production costs, and creates new jobs, all without harming economic growth. (Pratt & Lenaghan, 2015).

Positive environmental effects of biostimulants

+ 0 Mill. Kg

of co-productsreutilized as raw material in our production processes annually

0 %

reduction of CO2 emissions in our facilities between 2019 and 2020

+ 0 %

of our packaging for comprehensive services are FSC certified

+ 0 mi.Ha

of cultivablelandeconomized per year thanks to the increase of crop productivity

Sustainability certificates

Accredited with the CO2 Reduction seal by the Spanish Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge. We are also ISO14001:2015 Environmental management systems.

Our quality, environmental and safety policies

Dadelos Agrosolutions™, as a business unit of Ajinomoto Group, produces and supplies its products following strict quality, environmental, and safety standards.

Learn more about our raw materials and tailor-made biostimulants

We offer a wide line of biological solutions with a high added value for the industry, developed sustainably.