About us

About us

Dedicated to the research and production of biostimulants for the agricultural industry

Leaders in our sector since 2014

Dadelos is a Spanish company with an international vocation.. Its activity is focused on manufacturing organic raw materials for the agro-organic formulation industry and on the design of tailor-made biostimulants in a B2B service model.

It is the agro division of the Ajinomoto group. From its headquarters located in Valencia, the company has access to the potential of the laboratories and research centers that the Ajinomoto group has around the world, offering B2B technical services and selling and distributing products internationally.


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Dadelos Agrosolutions

The Dadelos plant food division was founded in Valencia (Spain), becoming a specialist in researching, manufacturing and marketing organic raw materials and biostimulants for the agricultural industry. 

Dadelos Agrosolutions

Dadelos Agrosolutions™ is founded, extending the offer of raw materials to a large number of tailor-made solutions with high added value, high agronomic efficiency and environmentally friendly.

Dadelos Agrosolutions

Ajinomoto, a pioneer in the use of fermentation processes in manufacturing amino acids and a world leader in its sector, strengthens its leadership position by merging Dadelos Agrosolutions™ into the Ajinomoto Group.


The company’s aim is to enhance and improve crop yields and quality.To do so, it uses the latest technologies in manufacturing natural raw materials that guarantee the sustainability of the agricultural system.


The company aspires to improve nutritional quality by improving food quality without compromising its natural properties and to protect the ecosystem by promoting sustainable agriculture.


These are the principles that guide the company in its day-to-day business and reflect its dealings with customers and suppliers.



The company is fully involved in your business and committed to always offering the best results.



The company adapts to change and responds quickly and flexibly to offer the solution that best suits your needs.



We work with you in a collaborative way to build strong and trusting relationships.

Dadelos Agrosolutions™ Commitments

Dadelos Agrosolutions™ is faithful to the commitments it has made to the different members of its organization.


With customers

  • Customer-centric business model
  • Achieving satisfaction
  • Considering the customer’s perspective
  • Form a team and work together to achieve the same goals

To our products and services

  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Productivity
  • Flexibility

To the environment

  • Contributing to a more sustainable and cleaner agriculture
  • Bringing new ideas and technologies to agriculture
  • Creating wealth in the environment

To the organization

  • Teamwork
  • Seeking continuous improvement
  • Listen to suggestions and encourage participation among members of the organization
  • Organizational autonomy
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Optimizing resource management

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