Dadelos Agrosolutions: one of the sponsors of the 3rd YRChem2023, a Workshop for Young Researchers in Chemistry

Dadelos Agrosolutions: one of the sponsors of the 3rd YRChem2023, a Workshop for Young Researchers in Chemistry

In a significant stride towards promoting scientific development and nurturing the next generation of chemists, Dadelos Agrosolutions, joyfully announces that we were one of the sponsors of the 3rd Workshop for Young Researchers in Chemistry 2023 (YRCHEM 2023). This esteemed event is an initiative by the Faculty of Chemistry at the esteemed University of Valencia.

YRCHEM 2023, was held on May 18th and 19th, 2023, at the Eduard Boscà auditorium, witnessed an inspiring congregation of young and enthusiastic doctoral students. The congress provided a scientific, academic, and friendly atmosphere, offering these bright minds the perfect platform to showcase the remarkable progress of their research in Chemistry and allied fields of knowledge to their peers. This empowering activity aimed to foster meaningful collaborations and forge new relationships among research groups at the university, creating a vibrant environment for scientific growth and interdisciplinary learning.

The event’s overwhelming success is no surprise, as YRCHEM has now become a cherished tradition, with the university community, students, and professors, embracing it with open arms. The enthusiasm and support received from all quarters have cemented YRCHEM’s position as a premier scientific gathering, propelling it to new heights with each edition.

At Dadelos Agrosolutions we recognize the immense value of providing young researchers with a supportive and encouraging platform. As a company committed to the advancement of scientific and technological frontiers, collaborating with YRCHEM 2023 was a natural fit. By joining forces with this academic powerhouse, Dadelos Agrosolutions further emphasizes our dedication to fostering innovation and knowledge in the realm of Agricultural Chemistry.

As the curtains close on yet another successful YRCHEM event, Dadelos Agrosolutions stands proud to have played a vital role in empowering these budding chemists. Together, they envision a brighter future for the field of Chemistry and all its remarkable possibilities.

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